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It's 2023 and this is the divine year of the unexpected! God is elevating and expanding. I am super excited about announcing my Stronger Tees! Click below to order today.


Dream Angelou is a college-educated, single mother hailing from Santa Monica, California striving to make a better life in D.C. with her son, King. Dream is as vulnerable as she is guarded with her heart after experiencing love lost. She emeshes her new energy into building a great career as an executive in the non-profit field, however, she recognizes that there is a deeper power that speaks to financial freedom and independence that she cannot suppress.

As Dream’s career is on a fast-track to entrepreneurship, her love life begins to heat up too when she meets the charismatic and edgy Kenya Harris. “We were so opposite from the beginning that our differences became our attraction,” Dream describes her crazy in love romance. The fairytale life that Dream envisioned came with an empire, beautiful babies, a big house with a ranch style fence, and a strong Black man for a husband --- but then there was reality. Dream becomes embroiled in an intense battle with Kenya wrestling with mental health, addiction, his yearning for the street life, and a medical postpartum mishap that almost cost her life. Will the unbreakable bond Dream forges with Kenya prove to be the downfall of everything she built? Author Brandi Forte pours her heart and soul out in her most riveting story to date about black love, family, betrayal, forgiveness, and healing that ultimately proves what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

Get to know Brandi Forte

Brandi Forte is truly the epitome of Black Girl Magic! Published author of four books, Forte has written for a dozen of national and local publications as a renowned and veteran journalist. A voice for the powerless, Forte's focus is using non-traditional methods to bring about RADICAL  CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION for this generation and generations to come.


It's Not About Who they Say You Are, It's about  What You Believe. The Quest to Know Thine Self is the Ultimate Life Experience

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